#AndromedaWeek — Experience Metis Network on our 1 year Anniversary

4 min readNov 14, 2022

Join Metis as we celebrate Andromeda Week, an event commemorating the first anniversary of our mainnet launch. Let’s celebrate by taking a look at the past year.

We are overjoyed that our team has increased greatly in the last year! Metis Andromeda Mainnet was launched on November 19th, 2021 by three innovative blockchain entrepreneurs united by a common vision. Metis has since grown to include more than 70 core team members and developers worldwide, as well as 20 ambassadors! The Metis Smart Layer 2 was created to utilize Ethereum’s decentralization and security and make it quicker, inexpensive, and simpler to use. Our main goal as we progress is to create decentralized infrastructure to empower the Web2 and Web3 economies.

A Year in Review

The ecosystem quickly exploded after launch and currently withstands 94,500 active wallets opened with our TVL currently at $100M.

We’ve come a long way, but it doesn’t end here. Metis has a lot to look forward to as we progress forward in our roadmap.

So far, Metis has accomplished the implementation of our Community Ecosystem Governance program (CEG). This allows for a more decentralized model in which the Community Common members are able to have a direct connection to developers and programs within the ecosystem.

Metis is continuing to coordinate with several community developer teams and utilize the bottom-up approach to convert the infrastructure of Metis into concrete products. This will be presented in three layers:

  1. Smart L2 — a Layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, which is solving the persistent blockchain trilemma for Ethereum and increasing both transaction speed (faster finality) and throughput (more transactions per second), while keeping some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.
  2. Reputation Power Matrix — a solution we designed to unlock the potential of personal data ownership, reputation building, and universal decentralization by assimilating all digital identities in a single account, without sacrificing privacy or integrity. Matrix will allow you to augment and authenticate your digital reputation power, blending your crypto and DeFi accounts, NFT collections, credentials, and achievements and more through a single metric. Find the Matrix Lite Paper here.
  3. DAC Portal — As the web3 industry matures, new models are shifting how decentralized companies operate and manage, such as the shift to the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC). By evolving the shortcomings of a DAO, the DAC is creating a more useful infrastructure for businesses and companies, which we consider the shift to a company model. The DAC is for current DAOs, web3 businesses, and internet native companies (web2 alike) who are interested in optimizing the benefits of decentralized growth and on-chain operations.

Andromeda Week

Be sure to keep up with updates throughout the week of november 14th- 19th via twitter, instagram, telegram, and discord for a week packed full of events surrounding Andromeda Week!

Here are only few events this week to look forward to:

Egg Hunt:

We’re hiding 5 special Eggs on our website, one each day. Find all and you can win a limited edition Metis Discovery NFT!

Community Swag Contest:

Share your best picture with any Metis merchandise (owned or created) for a chance to get a limited edition Anniversary Participation Non-Transferable NFT, and METIS token rewards! Click here to read the rules and join!

Reddit AMA:

We will be on r/AMA Tuesday Nov 15th from 16:00–18:00 UTC. All questions will be answered by our founders from u/Metis_io, so be sure to hop on!

Founder’s Podcast:

Tune in on our Weekly Wisdom podcast Tuesday November 15th for some wisdom from Metis founders Elena, Kevin, and Yuan!

Andromeda Day Livestream:

It’s our day! Tune in on YouTube Saturday 19th at 11am EST for a live presentation from the team, Q&A, Kahoot quiz and messages from the founders. See you there!

Andromeda Week Bridging Rebate

In honor of one year mark of the Andromeda Mainnet launch, we are providing an Andromeda Bridging Rebate to anyone that bridges to Metis and participates in our partnered DeFi protocols on November 17–19 UTC! Metis will provide a 100% rebate for bridge fee up to $100USD in Metis token per wallet for individuals who bridge a minimum value of $100USD onto the Andromeda Network. This offer is only valid for new wallets that have never interacted with the Andromeda Network.

Tokens that are eligible for the Andromeda Bridge Rebate are the tokens on our official bridge: USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, wBTC, Link, AAVE, BUSD, and Sushi. Metis Token is not eligible for this rebate.

Metis will always encourage everyone to migrate to a more decentralized system as we continue to fulfill our mission of providing decentralized infrastructure.

To conclude our celebratory week announcement, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the Metis Ecosystem through all of our trials and tribulations in further developing a decentralized blockchain with the objective of providing a long-lasting infrastructure for both the Web2 and Web3 economies.

With gratitude,

The Metis Team