Forward Protocol Integrates Metis

2 min readMay 17, 2023

Metis Layer 2 has completed its integration with Forward Protocol, which will allow anyone regardless of their technical knowledge to deploy customizable dApps on Metis’ fast, secure, and highly scalable L2 network.

This will enable developers to create, manage and upload functional smart contract dApp templates to Forward Factory and monetize the usage of their templates on Metis, letting users take full advantage of its decentralization, scalability, and security solutions on the Ethereum mainnet.

Forward’s simple to use no-code drag-and-drop builder allows for the deployment and customization of full-stack applications without any coding experience.

Users can now visit to sign up and start deploying smart contract dApp templates on Metis.

“This integration marks a significant milestone for both platforms, as it enables users to build and deploy full-stack dApps on any EVM and Rust-based chain of their choice, thus opening up more possibilities for creators to build and launch their projects, ultimately leading to greater…