Hummus Officially Joins The Metis Marathon

2 min readAug 17, 2022

In collaborative efforts to drive a deep well of stable liquidity on Metis and underpin the entire DeFi ecosystem with a strong and stable foundation, the Metis Foundation has committed 54,000 METIS tokens to bolster Hummus and its innovative offerings.

Four months ago, Hummus Exchange deployed on Metis Andromeda combining the speed, security, and efficiency of the Metis network with an ultra-low slippage stableswap mechanism and dynamic staking rewards system. With a novel approach to the LP token, its flexible liquidity pool architecture utilizes a single-sided staking mechanism, allowing for maximum capital efficiency and ultra-low slippage. Furthermore, adaptive pool composition for tokens enables the protocol to scale organically with new pools. As a result of its design, Hummus Exchange allows users to deposit and withdraw seamlessly without worrying about impermanent loss, all with a friendly user interface.

Hummus Offers

  • Elimination of impermanent loss risk for liquidity providers
  • Single-sided liquidity provision
  • Ultra-low slippage for traders
  • Capital efficiency
  • Easy scalability of liquidity pools with new tokens

A stableswap is an integral DApp that sits at the heart of a Defi ecosystem. By choosing to build on Metis, Hummus will help us accelerate the growth of our Defi ecosystem. Having a next generation stableswap that can take advantage of the speed and cost effectiveness of the Metis Network will expand the capabilities for what developers can build. We look forward to using the Metis Marathon to further push this innovation and onboard new projects that will go hand in hand with the Hummus Exchange.

About the Metis Marathon

MetisDAO Foundation has announced the Metis Marathon, a 26-week long builder incentive program that aims to incentivize a fierce development of the Metis ecosystem. Besides introducing some of the Top DeFi protocols by TVL to our ecosystem, the Marathon will also help create a native powerhouse by directly incentivizing some of Metis’ most innovative native dApps.