Metis Announces Strategic Partnership with OpenDeFi

3 min readJun 3, 2021

Continuing our plan to onboard key strategic partners ahead of the June 15 launch of the Metis Beta testnet, Metis is pleased to announce a partnership with decentralized finance project OpenDeFi.

Metis is a Layer 2 infrastructure for distributed collaborators that helps individuals create their own decentralized businesses on the Ethereum blockchain. With its Layer 2 dApp solution, the platform has made this process faster, cheaper, and more scalable.

OpenDeFi tokenizes real-world assets and then builds decentralized financial services around those assets. Through this partnership, OpenDeFi assets will become usable on Metis’ Layer 2 infrastructure to allow developers to build dApps that have access to a slew of real-world assets, 100% insured and 1:1 backed and held in custodianship.


OpenDeFi is looking to launch and support projects across the DeFi ecosystem, with a vision to empower DeFi markets across a wide range of digital asset classes. To that end, the partnership with Metis will help drive the company towards its goal of supporting a more comprehensive suite of digital asset classes.

“We are thrilled to have a partnership with Metis, and believe that ease of use for developers is one of the…