Metis Marathon Community Campaign

3 min readAug 5, 2022

As part of the Metis Marathon Builder Incentive program, MetisDAO foundation is thrilled to introduce the Marathon Community Campaign. Metis is noted for having great community support in the space, and throughout the 26-week Marathon Community Campaign, we are rewarding community members who participate and provide exceptional support.

The campaign activities will run across various social media, therefore we call on all Metisians and KOLs to join in multiple activities or choose their preferred social medium where they can create their best content and drive engagement. Activities will run across all Metis communities on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter (MetisDAO, MetisGovernance, RPSMatrix, MetisWisdom, MetisFest), Reddit, Tiktok, Medium and Mirror, and Instagram.

Metisians who show exceptional participation by joining multiple activities, creating excellent content and generating high engagement will be invited to join our Ambassador program and may receive Metis token rewards.

Campaign activities during this Marathon Community Campaign are strictly for educational and community growth purposes and not token promotion. Users who participate in various categories may be eligible for Metis token rewards, depending on the criteria set for each category.


The maiden activity for this 26 week Metis Marathon Community campaign is the Gleam Invite and Share contest. Participants are asked to undertake and complete a number of tasks geared toward spreading the word about Metis Layer 2, Matrix Reputation Power System and DAC infrastructure. We’ll ask the community to complete tasks such as:

  • Follow Metis on Twitter and make a tweet
  • Join Metis on Telegram and Discord

Invite friends and earn points The Gleam Campaign starts on Friday 5th August to 19th August 2022. The top 5 contestants will be rewarded in Metis tokens as follows:

  • Winner 🥇 = 30 Metis tokens
  • 2nd Place = 25 Metis tokens
  • 3rd Place = 20 Metis tokens
  • 4th Place = 15 Metis tokens
  • 5th Place = 10 Metis tokens

Join Now: Metis Marathon Gleam Community Contest

Other Activities that will be announced in the subsequent weeks are:

  • Metis Question of the Day

Metis trivia questions will be posted on Twitter each day, and the best answer from the Twitter comments will be rewarded. Priority will be given to users that demonstrate deep understanding of Metis and our products.

  • Content Creation

We are looking for the most educational thread on either Medium, Mirror, Twitter or Reddit.

  • YouTubers, TikTokers, animators and short video creators can bring out their video content creating skills by making a video of any of the Metis products. The best and most educational videos will be promoted and shared with the community, and the creators rewarded. Priority will be given to local content creators whose content is made in their native local language and generates high engagement..
  • #MetisMarathon Meme

Share your best Memes, Gifs, Videos or Stickers pack about Metis.

  • Local Community Spotlight

Special local community contests (games, content creations, educational series) will be organized in collaboration with Metis Ambassadors.

Timelines and rewards for various activities will be announced through the Marathon Campaign and new activities will be introduced. All content creators are required to send a link to our Metis Marathon Campaign page on Telegram or Discord to submit their contest entries (

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