Welcoming Metis Community Ecosystem Governance (CEG)

2 min readApr 11, 2022

In the few short months since the launch of Metis Andromeda network in November 2021, the Metis ecosystem has seen rapid growth in both the size of our community and TVL. As a layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, Metis harnesses the power of a secure and decentralized network, while offering users fast, low cost transactions. With Metis offering affordability, usability and scalability, the next phase for Metis is to decentralize the network by giving the ecosystem back to the community.

From the beginning, Metis has envisioned a core commitment to decentralization, outlined by the Metis roadmap. As the team continues to build a decentralized infrastructure, Metis is making major strides towards a further decentralized future. Metis is pleased to announce a milestone on their decentralization roadmap: the Metis Community Ecosystem Governance program (CEG), the first step towards giving the Metis ecosystem back through decentralization. With the introduction of governance, Metis is building a truly decentralized network that empowers individuals to use their sovereign voice to govern the ecosystem.

While Metis remains a permissionless platform, Metis is introducing governance snapshots to give the ecosystem back to the community, allowing the community to vote on projects they care about most. Projects will be able to apply through the governance system for consideration, and with the voting process, the community is empowered to verify projects, informing Metis marketing on promotion decisions.

The move to decentralize the marketing arm of Metis provides a stronger voice to the community in marketing decisions, rather than relying on the judgment of the Metis team. In the past, projects were marketed and promoted based on Partnership Guidelines solely approved by the Marketing team at Metis (an unsustainable model for decentralization). Alongside the community, Metis questioned this model with no decentralized answer for the former process. As such, Metis is shifting operations away from a centralized decision making process and empowering the community to decide which projects to market and promote. The CEG is available to any project that offers long-term and sustainable utility to the Metis ecosystem.

As Metis continues to decentralize, the team is working hard to build a prosperous and collaborative ecosystem governed by the community. Through CEG, Metis is taking the first step to decentralize its ecosystem, further empowering the community to govern the ecosystem, positioning Metis as the Web3 network for innovation and impact. Built for the people, run by the people.